Fox News (opinion piece by Aaron Klein):

In the present instance, however, there’s an undercurrent moving in the opposite direction, a careful manipulation of participants by a deeply non-democratic band. Behind the current Occupy Wall Street protests is a “red army” of…

Where do I go to pick up my fuzzy hat and copy of the Communist manifesto?  But seriously, I find the attempts to discredit and marginalize this movement to be very surprising.  Was there this sort reaction to the social movements of the 60’s at the time ?

Fox News is bat shit crazy.

Ok.  It is officially official.  On the Fox News website, they asked in a serious tone if the green lens flare at about the 1:20 mark is one of the Horseman of the Apocalypse.

I mean, can I debunk this?  It’s like debunking the tooth fairy.  How obvious is it that it is just lens flare?  You expect the average crazy to put up nonsense like this and the rainbow in the sprinkler, but not a major “news” company.

How to make any show on Fox

Call someone you don’t like a:

  • Muslim
  • Stalinist
  • Marxist
  • Leninist
  • Nazis
  • Socialist
  • Communist
  • Leftist
  • Feminist
  • Environmentalist

Compare them to:

  • Stalin
  • Lenin
  • Hitler
  • Marx
  • Mussolini
  • Castro
  • the Anti-Christ

"Support" any of these things:

  • Rights
  • Democracy
  • the Troops
  • Freedom
  • America
  • States’ Rights
  • the Constitution
  • the First Amendment
  • the Second Amendment
  • Americans
  • "common sense"
  • Jesus
  • Patriotism

Now you too can make any show on Fox.

P.S. Don’t forget to “prove” your point with as many logical fallacies as possible.



Fox Viewers on Egypt: Obama is a Muslim

Republicans in Iowa will get the first shot at choosing their party’s next presidential nominee. Let’s check in with them…

Let’s put something to bed shall we?  If someone says, “I’m a Christian,” you basically have to take them at their word.  Unless you are a Scanner or from Betazed, you can’t mind-probe the guy and check to see if he is lying. I mean seriously how do you go from the situation in Egypt to Obama is a…


I’m sorry, what ?

So, I’m confused.  Actually, no I’m not.  I know exactly what is going on.  What we have is what I may start calling, “narrative building.”  Watch this video.  Now this video is good for the selection Fox clips.  Cenk Uygur’s commentary is good enough.  Now, I am opposed to any mingling of politics and religion, but let’s compare say the potential situation in Egypt with the laws of one of our allies, Pakistan.  In Pakistan there are anti-blasphemy laws  You are not allowed to insult Islam in Pakistan.  The maximum penalty for blasphemy, though rarely enforced, is death.  In Egypt, we have a democratic revolution in which a strongly religious party will likely play a part in whatever new form of government arises from the current mess.  This is unfortunate, but not very different from other countries in the region that we support.

Fundamental human rights are egregiously denied in Pakistan.  A child could be executed for blasphemy.  Barely a word is spoken by Fox News because they don’t give a damn about human rights.  They care about the narrative.  Talking about human rights violation by our allies does not fit their narrative.  The narrative says that challenges to our current foreign policy, particularly as it pertains to Israel, are bad.  It doesn’t matter if the challenge comes from the lips of the people.  Notice talk of spreading democracy ceases when it is one of our dictatorial allies that is being overthrown. 

What we have in Egypt is a democratic revolution.  Mubarak has been, for all intents and purposes, a dictator.  Fox hopes to push public opinion against a free Egypt so that the White House is forced to either aid Mubarak or at the very least to avoid supporting the democratic revolt   Despots and theocratical laws are fine when it suits the conservative US foreign policy agenda.

I don’t know what else to say.  Why isn’t the sieve that Fox pours it’s “news” through obvious to everyone?